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+33 (0) 1 45 93 21 76.

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Sky Infinity
50 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris
Tel : (+33) 1 23 45 67 89
Fax : (+33) 1 23 45 67 89
Email : contact@sky-infinity.com
Web : www.sky-infinity.com



Ancillary services to airlines


In order to better meet the needs of all its customers, SKY INFINITY offers a complete range of services by providing an outstanding and attentive quality of service in the supervision field but also in customer reception and support in airports.

We implement customized services and assistance dedicated not only to airlines, but also to Travel Agencies, Shippers, Tour Operators and many others.

Trained and well-experienced, we develop strategic and customized solutions targeting your needs.

Our added value lies in our culture of service, our performance requirement and commitment to quality to satisfy all our partners.



Through their experiences with world-renowned airlines, SKY INFINITY team members noticed significant changes in the way we travel and have focused on this problem having a strong belief that quality of service would become a major part customer relationship.

By paying attention to their partners needs and feedback, they were able to select a range of services that perfectly fit their needs. These customized services have immediately brought positive results and have triggered new requests that continuously increase.

Sky Infinity now includes several aviation professionals who share the same values and vision of customer service. Each team member is involved in the development of the agency and provides expertise to undertake the tasks entrusted to it.

Having knowledge of the requirements that you encounter every day, your request will be considered in the shortest possible time to give you a concrete solution. You will have a privileged partner who will accompany you step by step and will monitor the operations.